Step 1

Watch BEYOND Belief. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings after the film has finished.

Step 2

Read the story of the suffering servant in Isaiah 53 with your group. Reflect on the story and person mentioned in this chapter.

“The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947 and are believed to have been written around 100BC. This puts the scrolls close to the time of Jesus. Of the 166 words in Isaiah 53, there are 17 letters in question between the scrolls and your Bible. Ten relate to matters of spelling, four to stylistic changes, and three that refer to the word ‘light’ in verse 11 that do not affect the meaning. So, after 1000 years of translation, there are three letters difference that do not impact the meaning of the Bible.”

Evidence that Demands a Verdict – Dr Josh McDowell

Step 3

What words and phrases stand out to you in Isaiah 53?

Highlight the negative phrases or words that relate to the suffering Servant. How does this suffering benefit us?

Notice and discuss the different stages the Servant endures – Isaiah 53:3-5,7-9,12

Identify and discuss the characteristics of the suffering Servant. Why are these attributes so important to your daily living?

Compare the attributes of the suffering Servant to Revelation 5:6-7. Are there any similarities between these two images? Are they significant?

Who is this passage talking about?

Who were the people Isaiah had in mind when He described the benefits of the Servant’s work?

Step 4

The Servant sacrificially gave Himself to serve and save others. In what way does the Servant provide you with an example?