Step 1

Watch Beyond Counterfeit. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings after the film has finished.

Step 2

Read Revelation 7:1-9, 13-17 and 14:1-5 and record your reflections and insights into these passages of the Bible.

Step 3

Throughout the centuries there have been many examples of faithful followers of Jesus, as well as those who have chosen a different road, rejecting Jesus’ way. Is there someone who stands out in your mind who has been a faithful example to you? How has their faith helped you grow?

Revelation 7 and 14 highlight key characteristics of faithful disciples living close to the time Jesus will return. Read the verses again and discover the characteristics of these followers of Jesus.

What do you learn about these faithful people?

How do the people mentioned in Revelation 7:1–9, 13–17 and 14:1–5 answer the question posed in Revelation 6:17.?

The Bible uses the term “servants” to describe these faithful men and women. The term “servant” is translated from the Greek word “doulous” meaning “slave”. What do you learn from the use of this term in connection with this group of people?

What can you learn for your own walk with Jesus from Revelation 14:4?

Step 4

Consider what you have learned from God’s faithful followers in this study. What new example have they given for you to follow? Share with a friend where you would like God to help shape your life. Make this a prayer focus for the new week.