Step 1

Watch Beyond Death. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings after the film has finished.

Step 2

Read Matthew 9:18–26 and record your reflections and insights into this passage of the Bible.

Step 3

Matthew 9 records four miracle stories. Each story tells us something different about Jesus.

Consider the emotions of verses 18-19 and how these might have been compounded with the interruption in verses 20-22.

Mark 5 tells us that some men came from the house of Jairus to share that his daughter was dead and to not bother the Teacher anymore. Has death left its mark on you? How have you responded to the pains of death?

The ruler persists and arrives at his home with Jesus. What do Jesus’ words in verse 24 tell us about death?

How do other Bible passages describe death? (see John 11:11–14; 1 Corinthians 15:12–23)

Share your thoughts on John 11:25 and what this means to you? What do these stories tell us about Jesus and His power over death?

Death is not the end; Jesus holds the keys. Read and share your thoughts on Revelation 21:4.

Step 4

Death is a difficult experience and we all grieve in different ways. Can you think of someone who has recently lost a loved one with whom you can share an encouraging word or act this week?