Step 1

Watch BEYOND Disaster. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings after the film has finished.

Step 2

Read Daniel 2:29–45 and record your reflections and insights into this passage of the Bible.

Step 3

In 184 words, Daniel shares the history of the world. Who are the main characters of the story and what do they tell us about the future?

Daniel not only mentions key metals in the interpretation of the dream, but also refers to these kingdoms in future dreams, who do these power represent? (Daniel 2:37, 5:28, 8:21)

Daniel gives more details about the fourth kingdom than previous powers. Consider the characteristics of this power and their significance for their time and yours (see Daniel 2:40).

The last power on the statue was partly iron and clay – the two did not mix and this kingdom did not last. How was this kingdom destroyed? What is the significance of the rock, where did it come from and what does it mean for you today? (see Daniel 2:44-45)

What things do we learn about control from this passage? (See also Revelation 11:15)

How does this passage help us understand pain and suffering?

Step 4

What would your life look like if you surrendered every thought, decision, action and action to God? Are there way you can support others to surrender to Jesus?