Step 1

Watch BEYOND Heroes. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings after the film has finished.

Step 2

Read 1 Samuel 17. This is a well know story – what are your reflections on the story and characters mentioned?

Step 3

Who are the modern day heroes and what do they offer?

Who do you relate to most in the story of David and Goliath?

After 40 days of ridicule from the Philistines, Israel seriously needed a hero to face Goliath. Identify people from the story that could have stepped up to fight the giant. Why did it take so long and why did someone not step up earlier?

Consider the life of Saul and David.  Are there similarities and differences between these two men?

What gave David the courage to stand against Goliath? (see 1 Samuel 16:11–13; 17:34–37; 18:12, 14)

As someone once said, “Nothing comes more naturally to people than trying to get someone to fight our battles the way we would were we fighting them.” Consider the battle equipment Saul gave to David compared with the stones and sling David took to battle. What does this tell us about overcoming our giants?

What makes David the hero in this story—his defeat of Goliath or his commitment to God?

Step 4

What clues does 1 Samuel 17:45-47 give us about overcoming our personal giants?

Watch the movie Facing the Giants (available at all good Christian bookshops or on YouTube).

What personal lessons have you observed from this story that will assist you to face your giants?