Step 1

Watch Prayer Episode 2.  What are your reflections on Charissa’s experience – share.

Step 2

Read Matthew 6:5-15 and record your reflections and insights into this passage of the Bible.

Step 3

Who are the people mentioned in this passage, and what examples do they each give us of prayer?

Luke 11:1-4 informs us that it was one of the disciples who asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  What do you think this says about both the disciples and Jesus example of prayer?  Search for other examples that give you a glimpse into Jesus’ prayer life.

Why do you think that Jesus says to go into your room, close your door, and pray?  What does this tell you about prayer?  Also read Daniel 6.

If God knows of our needs before we ask, why pray? Matthew 6:8

Write down the key categories Jesus highlighted that help us understand how to pray? Matthew 6:9-13

Review your list. What do you note about the order in which Jesus asked His disciples to pray?  What do we learn about prayer?

What do we learn from Jesus’ use of the word your in verse 10, and us in verses 11 and 12?

What do you learn about prayer and forgiveness?

Step 4

Write down three things you have learnt from this lesson that you can include in your prayer journey this week?