Step 1

Watch Prayer Episode 8.  What are your reflections on Chester’s experience – share.

Step 2

Read Luke 23:26-47, and record your reflections and insights into this passage of the Bible.

Step 3

Calvary. It is both a harrowing and holy place for the Christian. There we see the worst of man, and the best of God. Make a of list of all the hurtful things Jesus experienced in Luke 22 and 23.  Did He deserve these? Why or why not?      

Consider your list above, and read Luke 23:34 again. How do you feel about this?

What does Jesus’ prayer tell you about what God is like – His character?

Read 1 John 1:9 and 4:19. In light of the prayer of Jesus on the cross, how confident do you feel about God’s love for you? Read also Romans 8:38, 39.

What are the practical implications of Jesus’ prayer of forgiveness for your life today? Should His prayer affect my life today? Why or why not?

How would you define forgiveness in light of Calvary? How important is it for the Christian to extend forgiveness to others? See also Matthew 18:21-35.

Step 4

To forgive or not to forgive – that was the question, and Jesus answered it. Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive? Prayerfully set aside time to forgive them now – not because they deserve it, but because God desires for you to experience the freedom of letting go and letting God.