Step 1

Watch Prayer Episode 1.  What are your reflections on Peter’s experience – share.

Step 2

Read what has been termed the first prayer in the Bible – Genesis 3:8-13. Read also Romans 8:26,27.

Step 3

Share your thoughts on what you know, have observed, or experiencedabout prayer? 

Adam and Eve had a special interaction with God. What do you notice about this interaction in Genesis 3:8-9?

What do you notice about where God came from and where Adam and Eve are?  What does this teach us about God and prayer?

Prayer is opening our heart to God as we would to a friend. This is not
necessary, of course, to make known to God what we are, but such
communion enables us to receive Him. Prayer does not bring God
down to us; it brings us up to Him.

Steps to Christ

Identify the questions God asks of Adam and Eve. How do they open our understanding of prayer and God?

What are we learning about prayer?  Can you identify the following points in the story?

  • It begins with God.
  • It appears to be an informal conversation from the heart.
  • The natural human response is to hide from God.
  • God engaged with Adam and Eve to deepen their understanding and relationship.

How does Romans 8:26,27 help our understanding of how to pray?

Step 4

Consider what you have learnt about prayer. How can you put it into practice this week?