Step 1

Watch Prayer Episode 6.  What are your reflections on Marty’s experience – share.

Step 2

Read Exodus 20:1-17, and record your thoughts, reflections and insights into this passage of the Bible.

Step 3

What does this passage reveal about God and man?

Can you identify two categories into which the commands naturally fall?

Why do you think God is very specific in revealing His will to His people?

 How have you discerned the will of God in your life?  Has there been a specific time or event where you recall God leading your life?

As you learn about the will of God and your will, in what ways does this affect what you pray for?

As you read Matthew 5:21-48, you will notice two key phrases, You have heard it said and but I say.  How do these statements help you understand the will of God?

It can sometimes be difficult to discern the will of God, which makes prayer very important.  How does Romans 8:26-28 help you understand prayer and know the will of God?

Step 4

Considering what you have recognised about God’s will for you, what are some values that you can incorporate into your life this week? Is there a trusted partner or friend that you can share these values with who can encourage you and help you to live them out consistently?