Step 1

Watch BEYOND Rules. What thoughts come to mind after watching Beyond?

Step 2

Read Matthew 22:34–40 and record your reflections and insights into this passage of the Bible.

Step 3

How would you answer the question posed to Jesus? Matthew 22:36

What could have been the motives behind the question?

What are the two areas Jesus answer highlighted and how should we view them today? Verses 37 & 39.

Jesus quotes from the Old Testament – Deuteronomy 6:1-9 & Leviticus 19:18. How do these passages add to our understanding of Jesus words about love for God and Man?

What is the connection between Jesus commands in Matthew 22 and the 10 Commandments found in Deuteronomy 5:6-21?

What one phrase repeated many times in Leviticus 19. How does this deepen your understanding about following God’s law and in what ways does this impact your understanding of Jesus’ words and God’s laws?

Step 4

Love is the foundation of God’s kingdom. What are some practical ways you can bring to life the lessons from this study and reveal the character of God to your neighbours?